Do you think it could possibly violate any law to require at-will non-union employees to sign a confidentiality agreement prohibiting disclosure outside the company of information relating to customers, marketing procedures, costs, prices, business plans, computer and software systems, and “personnel information and documents?” If you answered “of course not!” you would be WRONG under

Two recent harassment cases are attention-getters because they illustrate the potentially high stakes damages to which employers are exposed.

The EEOC recently announced a final judgment of over $1 million against Whirlpool Corporation, which dropped its appeal to the U. S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit in Ohio in a sexual and race

Employers and individuals often seek to call their relationship contractor/independent contractor — not employer/employee.  Courts are increasingly resistant to such artificial designations.  The Federal Court in Maryland, in a lawsuit claiming overtime pay under the Fair Labor Standards Act, ruled on January 18, 2012 that independent contractor status did not apply to an installer of